• Listen: Clark “Silver Sun”

    UK producer Clark will release his Flame Rave EP on March 24th via Warp Records, and today we preview the upcoming album with the track “Silver Sun“. In the SoundCloud post for the track, the artist reveals that he started making “ravey tunes to play out at gigs”, and as cuts like “Silver Sun” gained momentum, he soon found himself […]

    Clark 'Flame Rave' EP
  • Listen: Shampoo Boy “Spalt”

    The Vienna trio Shampoo Boy will release their sophomore LP Crack on April 6th via Blackest Ever Black. The group finds Editions Mego label head Peter Rehberg, a long tenured ambient and drone-based musician who, amongst many other projects, collaborates with Stephen O’Malley in KTL, joining forces with guitarist Christian Schachinger, and bassist Christina Nemec–both, longstanding sound experimenters in their […]

    Shampoo Boy 'Crack' LP
  • Listen: Los Angeles Police Department “Water and Wine”

    I recommend getting on board with Los Angeles Police Department before Ryan Pollie‘s ship sets sail and leaves you waving lamely from the peer! This one man project has an upcoming 7″ due out via Fat Possum on February 24th, and this week we got a taste of things to come with “Water and Wine“. Looks like this will be […]

    Listen: Los Angeles Police Department “Water and Wine”
  • Listen: Lightning Bolt “The Metal East”

    Lightning Bolt will release their Fantasy Empire 2xLP on March 23/24th via Thrill Jockey. This will be the band’s first long-player in the last five years, and, recorded at Rhode Island’s esteemed Machines With Magnets, the double album will mark the duo’s first proper studio recording. Using hi-fidelity equipment and complete separation of their two instruments, drummer Brian Chippendale and […]

  • Listen: Grey People ‘Trench Foot’ EP

    Grey People, aka Alex Michalski, provides CGI Records‘ first release of 2015, with his new Trench Foot EP. Born and raised in Chicago, the DJ/producer now makes his home in Nashville; and while Michalski has put out music on some very cool electronic labels like Proper Trax, Mystical Disco, and Cult Trip, this is his first on the Atlanta-based label, […]

    Grey People 'Trench Foot' EP
  • Listen: Calypso ‘Oracle’ EP

    Jackson Scott‘s Calypso project delivers a swirling brew of warped psychedelia and woozy shoegaze on their debut EP Oracle, out now on the “French” label Atelier Ciseaux. Scott, whose first album, Melbourne, came out in 2013 on Fat Possum, is joined here by Samantha Richman and Sheets Tucker; but, as the Asheville, North Carolina group recently informed Impose, they view […]

    Calypso 'Oracle' EP
  • Listen: Aphex Twin ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments’ Pt2 EP

    Aphex Twin released his Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP via Warp Records today, while also making the new music available for streaming via Spotify. In addition, Richard D. James kicked off a new Soundcloud account yesterday, posting an alternate mix of the EP’s lead track “Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed“–the “…[snr2mix]” embedded above. In an excellent Pitchfork interview with Philip Sherburne […]

    Aphex Twin "Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2' EP
  • Listen: Marching Church “Hungry For Love”

    Marching Church was originally a solo project for Iceage vocalist Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt, and he has two previous releases under the moniker: 2010’s At Night, and 2012’s Throughout the Borders (Posh Isolation). Today, the artist announced that Marching Church would also be releasing a debut LP, This World Is Not Enough, due out on March 30th via Posh Isolation in […]

    Marching Church 'This World Is Not Enough'
  • Listen/Label News: Post Industrial Noise ‘The Official Anthology’ LP

    Plenty of awesomeness on the way this year from Seattle’s ultimate synth-wave label Medical Records. This coming February the label will feature a reissue of Laika‘s 1994 classic Silver Apples Of The Moon, which initially came out on Too Pure, but has been long out of print, since. In addition, Medical will reissue Tse-Tse‘s lone album, Land In Sicht, a […]

    Post Industrial Noise 'The Official Anthology' LP (Medical Records)
  • Listen: Anthroprophh ‘U.F.O.’ LP

    Captcha Records announced this week that they will be hooking up with the “UK’s FINEST psychedelic record label, Cardinal Fuzz“, as well as Australia’s trash punk label, Homeless Records. In their attempt to release music that is “affordable and accessible…regardless of geographic location“, while by-passing the “crooked sharks in the industry“, the labels have joined forces to form a sort […]

    Anthroprophh 'U.F.O.' LP Cardinal Fuzz

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Watch: Marching Church “Hungry For Love”

Watch: Marching Church “Hungry For Love”

February 26, 2015 at 1:00 pm

This past January we checked out Marching Church‘s searing single “Hungry For Love“, off the band’s upcoming This World Is Not Enough LP, due out...

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Clark 'Flame Rave' EP

Listen: Clark “Silver Sun”

February 26, 2015 at 10:42 am

UK producer Clark will release his Flame Rave EP on March 24th via Warp Records, and today we preview the upcoming album with the track “Silver Sun“. In the SoundCloud...

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Lorelle Meets the Obsolete "What's Holding You" Live at the Chop Suey in Seattle

Watch: Lorelle Meets the Obsolete “What’s Holding You” Live @ the Chop Suey

July 30, 2014 at 7:22 am

Watch Lorelle Meets the Obsolete perform “What’s Holding You” at the Chop Suey in Seattle, WA. LIVE EYE TV caught up with the band on May 28th as they toured...

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Dasher perform in Atlanta

Photos: Dasher Live @ the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta

August 7, 2014 at 9:50 am

Dasher is an abrasive, post punk trio, and the Atlanta-based band is led by drummer/vocalist Kylee Kimbrough, with David Michaud on bass, and Kelly Stroup on guitar. Dasher...

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New Video Podcast: Craft Spells Interview and Performance @ The Chop Suey

New Video Podcast: Craft Spells Interview and Performance @ The Chop Suey

December 25, 2012 at 5:13 pm

This month LIVE EYE TV sits down with Craft Spells at The Chop Suey in Seattle to discuss the band, touring, and future work! Since the release of the outstanding debut Idle...

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The End Springs: Interview with UK psych guitarist Stephen Kent

Interview: UK Psych Guitarist Stephen Kent Discusses His Solo Project The End Springs

September 11, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Today we catch up with UK psych guitarist Stephen Kent to talk about his solo home-recording project The End Springs. One visit to the musician’s Bandcamp page reveals...

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Watch: Marching Church “Hungry For Love”

Watch: Marching Church “Hungry For Love”

This past January we checked out Marching Church‘s searing single “Hungry For Love“, off the band’s upcoming This World Is Not Enough LP, due out March 31st via Sacred Bones (North America, Australia), Posh Isolation (Europe), and Big Love (Japan). The new video for the track was directed by Elias R√łnnenfeldt himself, in conjunction with Marching Church bassist and Lower […]

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Listen: Tyondai Braxton “Scout1″

Listen: Tyondai Braxton “Scout1″

Acclaimed composer/musician Tyondai Braxton will release the LP HIVE1 on May 12th via Nonesuch Records. This will be his debut for the amazing 50 year old label, as well as his first record in six years. What has Braxton been doing in the meantime, considering his avant-rock band Battles disbanded in 2010…well, the in-demand artist has been busy working on […]

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Watch: Colleen Green “TV”

Watch: Colleen Green “TV”

Colleen Green‘s dedicated to her favorite shows, and she’s having a TV party tonight! Directed by the amazing multimedia artist Faye Orlove, channel surf some of the tube’s finest programming like: “2 Girls and a Doug”, “Accumulators”, “The Single Lady”, and Channel 420 Eyewitness News. “TV” shows off what Green does best–she gives you that familiar, favorite sweater sound while […]

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Lapalux 'Lustmore' LP

Listen: Lapalux “Don’t Mean A Thing”

Lapalux is getting set to release his Lustmore LP on April 6/7th via Brainfeeder, and the UK producer’s second single off the upcoming record, “Don’t Mean A Thing“, recently premiered on Flying Lotus‘ BBC Radio 1 Residency show. Stuart Howard explains that the new record is inspired by the experience of hypnogogia, that state of consciousness between waking and sleep, […]

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Watch: Lower Dens “To Die In L.A.”

Watch: Lower Dens “To Die In L.A.”

Lower Dens will release the Escape from Evil LP via Ribbon Music on March 31st in North America, and this week they premiered a new video for their amazing track, “To Die In L.A.“. Directed by SSION’s Cody Critcheloe, the video stars multimedia artist Actually Huizenga as a lonely starlit trapped inside the warped shell of her own fame. According […]

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Watch: Sleater-Kinney “A New Wave”

Watch: Sleater-Kinney “A New Wave”

“It’s not a new wave, it’s just you and me”…Part of Sleater-Kinney‘s brilliance has always been their ability to knock an abstract concept, like “the personal is political”, down into an actionable and direct turn of phrase. The other part of their brilliance, maybe not quite perceived till now…what great animated characters they make! In this new video for “A […]

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Watch: Sir Richard Bishop “Safe House”

Watch: Sir Richard Bishop “Safe House”

Sir Richard Bishop‘s Tangier Sessions LP came out this week on Drag City, and today we take a look at his video for “Safe House“. Composed of photos from Bishop, and pal Robert Millis‘ recent stay in the city, during which the album was recorded, this is a visual paean to Tangiers, the famed North African city. From 1923 till […]

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